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Top 5 Rentals in Manchester

Manchester is one of the most powerful and significant cities of the United Kingdom as it brings in a large number of football fans not only from the country but also from the world. Aren’t most of us familiar with the most popular football club, Manchester United Football Club?

This city of the UK is a vast Northern Centre and holds quite a strong economical position. Well reputed companies such as BBC Sport acquire global business opportunities which are often demonstrated by colossal traffic from corporate events and business visits around the year.

What makes Manchester immensely popular among people? Well, Manchester is a northern city which enjoys many perks from having phenomenal shops, cafés and around the world upheld games. Manchester is a wonderful treat for history lovers as it is filled with a history of all sorts from renowned artists to musicians. Manchester has an enormous mechanical history and many monuments which greatly illustrate the amazing history of Manchester. From restaurants, sports events to amazing history, Manchester has it all to keep its fans hooked up to this city!

Apart from these, Manchester has three well-reputed universities, bringing many international students and young people to the city.

Considering the popularity of Manchester City, it is quite understandable that Manchester has a high demand for rentals. As business associates, football fans and students, and tourists, all are present throughout the year in the city.

The good thing is that housing in Manchester is relatively cheaper than in the southern parts of the UK, be it buying or renting. Manchester is one such busy city in the UK, but you won’t find any problem in finding accommodations here. However, you may find it a bit difficult to find accommodation between November and February as these are the busiest times in Manchester.

Whenever you are visiting, make sure to look through the best accommodation options that go well with your needs. Let’s see the list of 5 amazing rentals that we have made for you.

5 Best Rentals in Manchester

  1. Student Room- Premium Flat, Double Bed +Individual room

This accommodation comes with three to five-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. You’ll be happy to hear that it is a furnished flat. Getting a furnished flat has its own ease, else shifting to a new space along with all the furniture and accessories, is quite a task.

Being a student, how can your life be difficult? The absence of which facility can be problematic for you? Wi-Fi! This premium flat waves off your internet worries by providing an uninterrupted Wi-Fi facility.

If you are a student at the University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan, then let me tell you this is the best rental option for you. Weekends here are super fun as cafes, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, all are located within walking distance. What’s more?

  • All day gym
  • Car parking
  • A common room
  • 2 Bedroom Sharing Apartments

This beautifully designed 2-bedroom apartment is located at Owen Street, Greater Manchester, M15. It is a great choice for couples, families, or people who can easily share a space. It has an amazing open-plan kitchen and living space with floor-to-roof windows and designed oak floors.

Well furnished apartment with a lot of attention to detail to the interior designing aspects. The apartments have been furnished while keeping in mind the preferences of people today.

Wherever you go, a wardrobe is a must. So this apartment offers built-in cupboards and intricately designed carpets that add a glamorous look to the room. Private bathrooms are there with the latest bathroom features including bath and rain shower sensor lighting.

After a super tiring day, you can quickly reheat your meal in the provided microwave. In short, this apartment has got you covered!

  • The Courtyard Apartment

This totally autonomous loft is located inside a beautiful Victorian house on a calm residential street. The good part is that eateries, bars, and Burton Road are easily reachable. It has a ravishing kitchen where you will love to cook and reheat your meals! Laundry facilities and shower room are there so that you can enjoy your stay with great comfort. If you have children, and the availability of laundry concerns you, then you should really consider this rental option.

The outdoor area is all that you need to sit back, relax and take a sip of coffee! Whether you intend to go for long stays or short stays, the Courtyard Apartments enlists itself as the best option!

  • Holiday Stay in The High Peak

Staying in a warm and cozy home located in the High Peak village sounds amusing, doesn’t it? I mean the idea itself is fascinating, that even if you haven’t made any plans for a holiday, you would think to do it right away.

This one-bedroom vacation home has a double bed with ensuite, well-decorated kitchen and living room, and an amazing space where you can do BBQ. This home is located in the High Peak village of Buxworth, near Chinley Train stations and Whaley bridge.

  • Double room- North Manchester

You can get this furnished double room rental located in North Manchester. When you are exhausted at the day end and look for watching a T.V show, you can simply go and watch the T.V as you can use it! This means you don’t have to miss the T.V and watch your favorite football match on your phone. A beautiful garden and a patio area are present at the rear of the house. If you decide to pick this rental option, then you are going to love it as the entire space has been just newly adorned with the latest style kitchen.

No need to worry about groceries, as most supermarkets are just five-10 minutes away. Are you thinking you will miss entertainment? You won’t, there are so many restaurants and bars right here!

It is always a good thing to look through the complete requirements of the property owner, as it makes things easy. Just as in this case, the house owner requires a housemate who is social and very particular about cleanliness and proper hygiene.

Roll Up:

Manchester is one of the most powerful cities in the United Kingdom. Its diversified history, football fans, sports events, business conferences, and universities make it a home to many people. Having said that, it’s understandable that demand for rentals is quite high in this city of the UK, but the good part is, you won’t find it hard to find suitable accommodation in Manchester.

We hope our list of rental options in Manchester helps you in reaching a final decision.