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Incredible Rentals to Hire in London

London has always seen a large demand for rental rooms primarily due to the presence of international students. Moreover, the international young graduates continue to live in London as they start doing jobs in the capital. However, the rentals’ demand gradually decreased at the start of Covid-19 when many young graduates and students left the city for the time being and moved back to their hometowns.

Eventually, a fall in prices was seen due to the shifting demands for room rentals. Many homeowners were compelled to cut off the rents to meet the competition with other rental services.

Interestingly, now a pause seems to come to the declining rental rates in the capital, as the young tenants have started to come back to the city. Many international students especially from Europe and China are choosing rental rooms through online facilities for the purpose of staying in isolation as per government laws.

The good part is that now demand for room rentals in the capital is exceeding the supply as the world is gradually coming back to normal. Although we, again and again, experience the arrival of various contagious covid-19 waves, the truth is that we all have become used to living with Covid-19 unlike last year so everyone is getting back to live their lives. Vaccinations have also helped in bringing back our world to normal, entertainment venues are re-opening, dine-in and eating out in bars is allowed now with the implementation of certain rules. This entire scenario tells us that more and more people will come back to the city. This directly implies that rent rates will no longer decline, in fact, rates can increase if the demand for rental rooms continues to increase.

5 amazing Rentals in London

Today, I am going to share with you some really amazing room rentals for student accommodations and holidays.

  1. Studio Apartment

I really love the idea of living in a ravishing studio apartment. Don’t you love it? Living in a cool, cozy, and small yet elegant studio apartment has its own charm. This spectacular studio apartment provides immense comfort and easy living. The great part is that you can use all local amenities. It’s located in an ideal location with Queen Mary University and Stepney Green situated within walking distance. This splendid studio apartment is situated in London E14.

You don’t have to worry about the working conditions of appliances as the apartment is well equipped with new appliances. I would say making sure that appliances are in the right working order is one of the important aspects when deciding on the rental room. Because if appliances are not in the right working order, they are only going to add fuss to your life.

If you are a student or a couple, this studio apartment is ideal for you.

  • Student Accommodation- Dean House

Getting comfortable at university is significant to your general understudy insight, so settle on an educated decision regarding which accommodation alternative matches well with your needs and budget.

Let me tell you about a newly launched student accommodation in the capital, the Dean House. The accommodations are divided into 5 bedrooms, with each flat having a shared kitchen, so don’t worry about homemade food cravings. Each room has ample space and a study table which are the primary needs of the students.

Restaurants, theatres, bars, and museums are situated at short distances from Dean house so you are not going to have a boring life at all while living in Dean House.

  • Sloan Square Cottage in a Beautiful Garden

Have you watched the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring the popular actors Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? If you have probably watched it then you can imagine how amazing it is to rent a wooden cottage for holidays. Cameron Diaz rents the cottage in London and spends some of the best moments of her life during her short stay. The warm and cozy interior feel of a wooden cottage is unmatchable! You can enjoy the same feelings by renting this amazing cottage located near Sloane Square. Live in the splendid bedroom, cook meals in a first-class kitchen, and relish sips of coffee in the dazzling garden. Privacy is well maintained there so don’t worry about it.

  • Intricately designed Large room with a private bathroom

If you are planning to make a perfect work break and spend holidays with your love partner or a friend, then this elegantly designed large room of a modern apartment located in E3, East London is the best option for you. Enjoy the breathtaking views of London with comfortable and secure access to the O2 Arena, Canary Wharf, and the London Stadium.

Considering the facility of a bathroom is really important if you intend to have a comfortable stay. A shared bathroom is also fine but if you get a private bathroom then that’s a bonus! Because honestly in some cases sharing a bathroom with others becomes a problem. So here you have the plus point of having a private bathroom.

It’s frustrating not to have broadband facilities on a holiday. I mean how are we supposed to update our Instagram then? Here you don’t have to worry about it as there is the availability of WIFI.

A complete package awaits you- elegantly designed room+ private bathroom and sightseeing are alone enough to rent this space!

Roll Up:

London has always been the central hub of the United Kingdom. It is the home to many international students and young graduates who reside in London for capitalizing the job opportunities. This primarily becomes the reason for the huge demand for rental rooms in London. However, the demand for rentals varies in London according to the situations running in the country. For instance, once job opportunities got limited in the capital, the young people started to return back to their hometowns, thus negatively impacting the rates of rentals.

Similarly, due to the prevalence of Covid-19, the rental rates showed declining numbers as imposed lockdown in the city enabled people to work remotely which allowed them to move back to their native lands. Now we see, the demand for rentals in London is surpassing the supply as life is coming back to normal again with the reopening of theatres, bars, and dine-in.

We have shared some incredible rentals with you guys, hope they make it to your list.