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Incredible Rentals to Hire in London

London has always seen a large demand for rental rooms primarily due to the presence of international students. Moreover, the international young graduates continue to live in London as they start doing jobs in the capital. However, the rentals’ demand gradually decreased at the start of Covid-19 when many young graduates and students left the city for the time being and moved back to their hometowns.

Eventually, a fall in prices was seen due to the shifting demands for room rentals. Many homeowners were compelled to cut off the rents to meet the competition with other rental services.

Interestingly, now a pause seems to come to the declining rental rates in the capital, as the young tenants have started to come back to the city. Many international students especially from Europe and China are choosing rental rooms through online facilities for the purpose of staying in isolation as per government laws.

The good part is that now demand for room rentals in the capital is exceeding the supply as the world is gradually coming back to normal. Although we, again and again, experience the arrival of various contagious covid-19 waves, the truth is that we all have become used to living with Covid-19 unlike last year so everyone is getting back to live their lives. Vaccinations have also helped in bringing back our world to normal, entertainment venues are re-opening, dine-in and eating out in bars is allowed now with the implementation of certain rules. This entire scenario tells us that more and more people will come back to the city. This directly implies that rent rates will no longer decline, in fact, rates can increase if the demand for rental rooms continues to increase.

5 amazing Rentals in London

Today, I am going to share with you some really amazing room rentals for student accommodations and holidays.

  1. Studio Apartment

I really love the idea of living in a ravishing studio apartment. Don’t you love it? Living in a cool, cozy, and small yet elegant studio apartment has its own charm. This spectacular studio apartment provides immense comfort and easy living. The great part is that you can use all local amenities. It’s located in an ideal location with Queen Mary University and Stepney Green situated within walking distance. This splendid studio apartment is situated in London E14.

You don’t have to worry about the working conditions of appliances as the apartment is well equipped with new appliances. I would say making sure that appliances are in the right working order is one of the important aspects when deciding on the rental room. Because if appliances are not in the right working order, they are only going to add fuss to your life.

If you are a student or a couple, this studio apartment is ideal for you.

  • Student Accommodation- Dean House

Getting comfortable at university is significant to your general understudy insight, so settle on an educated decision regarding which accommodation alternative matches well with your needs and budget.

Let me tell you about a newly launched student accommodation in the capital, the Dean House. The accommodations are divided into 5 bedrooms, with each flat having a shared kitchen, so don’t worry about homemade food cravings. Each room has ample space and a study table which are the primary needs of the students.

Restaurants, theatres, bars, and museums are situated at short distances from Dean house so you are not going to have a boring life at all while living in Dean House.

  • Sloan Square Cottage in a Beautiful Garden

Have you watched the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring the popular actors Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? If you have probably watched it then you can imagine how amazing it is to rent a wooden cottage for holidays. Cameron Diaz rents the cottage in London and spends some of the best moments of her life during her short stay. The warm and cozy interior feel of a wooden cottage is unmatchable! You can enjoy the same feelings by renting this amazing cottage located near Sloane Square. Live in the splendid bedroom, cook meals in a first-class kitchen, and relish sips of coffee in the dazzling garden. Privacy is well maintained there so don’t worry about it.

  • Intricately designed Large room with a private bathroom

If you are planning to make a perfect work break and spend holidays with your love partner or a friend, then this elegantly designed large room of a modern apartment located in E3, East London is the best option for you. Enjoy the breathtaking views of London with comfortable and secure access to the O2 Arena, Canary Wharf, and the London Stadium.

Considering the facility of a bathroom is really important if you intend to have a comfortable stay. A shared bathroom is also fine but if you get a private bathroom then that’s a bonus! Because honestly in some cases sharing a bathroom with others becomes a problem. So here you have the plus point of having a private bathroom.

It’s frustrating not to have broadband facilities on a holiday. I mean how are we supposed to update our Instagram then? Here you don’t have to worry about it as there is the availability of WIFI.

A complete package awaits you- elegantly designed room+ private bathroom and sightseeing are alone enough to rent this space!

Roll Up:

London has always been the central hub of the United Kingdom. It is the home to many international students and young graduates who reside in London for capitalizing the job opportunities. This primarily becomes the reason for the huge demand for rental rooms in London. However, the demand for rentals varies in London according to the situations running in the country. For instance, once job opportunities got limited in the capital, the young people started to return back to their hometowns, thus negatively impacting the rates of rentals.

Similarly, due to the prevalence of Covid-19, the rental rates showed declining numbers as imposed lockdown in the city enabled people to work remotely which allowed them to move back to their native lands. Now we see, the demand for rentals in London is surpassing the supply as life is coming back to normal again with the reopening of theatres, bars, and dine-in.

We have shared some incredible rentals with you guys, hope they make it to your list.

Rooms with a Hot Tub/Jacuzzi

Splendid Rental Rooms with Hot Tubs

Renting rooms in the UK is a very common practice. If you have followed our blogs, then you must have checked our amazing lists of rentals in London, Manchester, and Hull. What’s more interesting is the love for rental rooms with hot tubs! People just love to unwind in the hot tub and look for rental rooms and cottages with ravishing hot tubs. 

It makes sense why hot tubs are so much loved by people in the UK. I mean getting into your room after an adventurous day of exploring, all you want is to jump in the hot tub with your favorite beverage to relax your muscles and relieve your body stress.

But do you know hot tubs have become progressively famous throughout the most recent couple of years? Notwithstanding the eccentric British climate, a lot more individuals currently have a warm tub in their garden. In fact, you must have noticed the presence of hot tubs in the gardens of your acquaintances but maybe you never wondered why hot tubs are going so popular? 

There has been a consistent increase in hot tub deals in the course of the most recent couple of years but have you thought about why hot tubs have gained so much popularity and why we see so many hot tubs installations? Let’s talk about this a little more. 

The increase in demand for hot tubs in the United Kingdom is impacted mainly by three causes.

  1. Garden Use 

Gardens use isn’t what it used to be. Somewhat recently or thereabouts, many individuals have decided to utilize their nurseries as a place for partying and unwinding. Initially, gardens were utilized fundamentally to establish blossoms and make out outside of your home look appealing. These days, individuals are upgrading garden space to use as an additional living augmentation, spending energy with loved ones. Gatherings, grills, unwinding, and parties are currently happening more in the garden than they are inside. This is the reason many individuals are deciding to introduce a hot tub; it is an ideal expansion for the people who love unwinding in their nurseries.

  • Maintaining Cleanliness 

With the ascent of the latest technology, hot tubs are presently simpler to clean and keep up with. The utilization of synthetic sensors can assist you with deciding the perfect sum and of synthetics and equilibrium in your water, to assist you with keeping it spotless and sterile.

  • Perfect for The Entire Year 

Hot tubs are great for your garden as they can be utilized lasting through the year. They can be utilized in cool cold weather months and in any event, even when it’s drizzling or raining. With the utilization of gazebos, parasols, and nooks, you can pay attention to the raindrops above you while unwinding in a warmed hot tub.

5 Spectacular Holiday Cottages with Hot tub

Now let’s see the best 5 holiday cottages with hot tubs in the UK. 

  1. Potbelly 

Made in the grounds of an awesome 2* AA Rosette gastropub this extraordinary hotel style property is contemporarily styled all through with a private hot tub. Can you even imagine the pleasing view of a cottage beautifully styled throughout with a private hot tab? Just imagine and you will feel awesome! 

It is situated nearby the seashore at Westward Ho and all conveniences in this famous shoreline town including bistros, cafés, arcade, wetsuit and surfboard employ, insane golf, fishing, and privately made Hocking’s frozen yogurt are present around this cottage. 

A Woodburner keeps the case stunning and comfortable, regardless of the climate, and a couch settled against the bent divider gives an extraordinary spot to take it easy while partaking in the Smart TV. Contemporary kitchen units running along the back divider give all that visitors will require, including an electric broiler and hob, microwave, cooler, and a dishwasher. There are two twofold rooms, just as a give room WC. Outside, there is a liberally measured decked region to the front and side of the unit, with a gas Weber BBQ, garden furniture, and, obviously, the brilliant hot tub. There is a parking spot accessible for one vehicle.

  • The Garden Room, Westmeston, Sussex

An open-plan studio property with bi-crease entryways opening onto a detached nursery cleared patio and hot tub. Arranged in a curious town at the foot of the South Downs, there are two bars inside strolling distance and many strolls on the doorstep.

Believe me, when you just look at it, you feel like you want to stay there forever. It’s totally incredible! It has one bedroom and one hot tub. And if you don’t wish to take a beverage with you in the hot tub, take your phone, as you have a Wi-Fi facility available. 

  • Hyacinth Cottage 

This lovely person cabin is loaded with beguiling and your own special hot tub to appreciate, an ideal decision for knowing visitors. Offering excellent solace and a warm gladly received, flaunting an encased back garden with seating, driving down to your own hot tub.

there are two stunning rooms on the first floor, the expert twofold overlooking the nursery at back, and the second room with a single trundle bed, with a choice to pull out close by a subsequent single bed, for the most part, fit to kids with the two beds being used. There is likewise an extra latrine at the first-floor level.

Extraordinary strolling, cycling, and bird watching are accessible from the doorstep, and any fishing fans will cherish the way that fishing is accessible straightforwardly along the waterways’ edge (occasional, permit required) a short walk away. There are numerous attractions inside 30 miles, including the customary ocean side retreat of Great Yarmouth with exercises for all ages.

  • Campion Lodge

Located on the Essex/Suffolk line, this incredible hotel is one of five cabins on Wakes Hall Farm, a safe house of harmony in 500 sections of land of private land. As of late granted a five-star AA grant, each hotel has a definitive guilty pleasure – a relieving hot tub with its own verandah.

  • Russet

Russet is one of four, one-room country penthouse lodges situated in the serene environmental elements of Constable Country in Suffolk, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Visitors can appreciate limited utilization of fantastic poolside and exercise center offices, just as spa days and golf on two on location title courses.

Remember no, pets are allowed in Russet! 

Roll up:

Be it a weekend break or a short holiday, going into a hot tub is all that you need to get rid of your tiredness of the entire day of exploring. There are many splendid rental rooms and cottages available in the UK with amazing hot tubs. 

Our list of rentals with hot tubs is surely going to help you! 

Rooms Manchester

Top 5 Rentals in Manchester

Manchester is one of the most powerful and significant cities of the United Kingdom as it brings in a large number of football fans not only from the country but also from the world. Aren’t most of us familiar with the most popular football club, Manchester United Football Club?

This city of the UK is a vast Northern Centre and holds quite a strong economical position. Well reputed companies such as BBC Sport acquire global business opportunities which are often demonstrated by colossal traffic from corporate events and business visits around the year.

What makes Manchester immensely popular among people? Well, Manchester is a northern city which enjoys many perks from having phenomenal shops, cafés and around the world upheld games. Manchester is a wonderful treat for history lovers as it is filled with a history of all sorts from renowned artists to musicians. Manchester has an enormous mechanical history and many monuments which greatly illustrate the amazing history of Manchester. From restaurants, sports events to amazing history, Manchester has it all to keep its fans hooked up to this city!

Apart from these, Manchester has three well-reputed universities, bringing many international students and young people to the city.

Considering the popularity of Manchester City, it is quite understandable that Manchester has a high demand for rentals. As business associates, football fans and students, and tourists, all are present throughout the year in the city.

The good thing is that housing in Manchester is relatively cheaper than in the southern parts of the UK, be it buying or renting. Manchester is one such busy city in the UK, but you won’t find any problem in finding accommodations here. However, you may find it a bit difficult to find accommodation between November and February as these are the busiest times in Manchester.

Whenever you are visiting, make sure to look through the best accommodation options that go well with your needs. Let’s see the list of 5 amazing rentals that we have made for you.

5 Best Rentals in Manchester

  1. Student Room- Premium Flat, Double Bed +Individual room

This accommodation comes with three to five-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. You’ll be happy to hear that it is a furnished flat. Getting a furnished flat has its own ease, else shifting to a new space along with all the furniture and accessories, is quite a task.

Being a student, how can your life be difficult? The absence of which facility can be problematic for you? Wi-Fi! This premium flat waves off your internet worries by providing an uninterrupted Wi-Fi facility.

If you are a student at the University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan, then let me tell you this is the best rental option for you. Weekends here are super fun as cafes, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, all are located within walking distance. What’s more?

  • All day gym
  • Car parking
  • A common room
  • 2 Bedroom Sharing Apartments

This beautifully designed 2-bedroom apartment is located at Owen Street, Greater Manchester, M15. It is a great choice for couples, families, or people who can easily share a space. It has an amazing open-plan kitchen and living space with floor-to-roof windows and designed oak floors.

Well furnished apartment with a lot of attention to detail to the interior designing aspects. The apartments have been furnished while keeping in mind the preferences of people today.

Wherever you go, a wardrobe is a must. So this apartment offers built-in cupboards and intricately designed carpets that add a glamorous look to the room. Private bathrooms are there with the latest bathroom features including bath and rain shower sensor lighting.

After a super tiring day, you can quickly reheat your meal in the provided microwave. In short, this apartment has got you covered!

  • The Courtyard Apartment

This totally autonomous loft is located inside a beautiful Victorian house on a calm residential street. The good part is that eateries, bars, and Burton Road are easily reachable. It has a ravishing kitchen where you will love to cook and reheat your meals! Laundry facilities and shower room are there so that you can enjoy your stay with great comfort. If you have children, and the availability of laundry concerns you, then you should really consider this rental option.

The outdoor area is all that you need to sit back, relax and take a sip of coffee! Whether you intend to go for long stays or short stays, the Courtyard Apartments enlists itself as the best option!

  • Holiday Stay in The High Peak

Staying in a warm and cozy home located in the High Peak village sounds amusing, doesn’t it? I mean the idea itself is fascinating, that even if you haven’t made any plans for a holiday, you would think to do it right away.

This one-bedroom vacation home has a double bed with ensuite, well-decorated kitchen and living room, and an amazing space where you can do BBQ. This home is located in the High Peak village of Buxworth, near Chinley Train stations and Whaley bridge.

  • Double room- North Manchester

You can get this furnished double room rental located in North Manchester. When you are exhausted at the day end and look for watching a T.V show, you can simply go and watch the T.V as you can use it! This means you don’t have to miss the T.V and watch your favorite football match on your phone. A beautiful garden and a patio area are present at the rear of the house. If you decide to pick this rental option, then you are going to love it as the entire space has been just newly adorned with the latest style kitchen.

No need to worry about groceries, as most supermarkets are just five-10 minutes away. Are you thinking you will miss entertainment? You won’t, there are so many restaurants and bars right here!

It is always a good thing to look through the complete requirements of the property owner, as it makes things easy. Just as in this case, the house owner requires a housemate who is social and very particular about cleanliness and proper hygiene.

Roll Up:

Manchester is one of the most powerful cities in the United Kingdom. Its diversified history, football fans, sports events, business conferences, and universities make it a home to many people. Having said that, it’s understandable that demand for rentals is quite high in this city of the UK, but the good part is, you won’t find it hard to find suitable accommodation in Manchester.

We hope our list of rental options in Manchester helps you in reaching a final decision.

Rooms to rent in Hull

6 Amazing Rentals in Hull 

Before I talk about the amazing rooms that you can consider for rental purposes in Hull, let’s talk a bit about Hull city. 

Hull is an oceanic city in East Yorkshire, England. In 2017, it was pronounced as the City of Culture in the UK primarily due to the frequent occurrence of cultural celebrations in the city throughout the year. For travelers, it’s a wonderful feeling to know about the cultural tales and history of a place by visiting museums, forts, galleries, and other restaurants. When people visit these places, they keenly observe how the residuals of Hull live their lives and understand the beautiful history of the city. 

So how did it all start? When did people in Hull city start to rent their rooms? Well, in 2017 when Hull city was declared as the UK City of Culture, the residuals were asked to hire paying guests and rent spare rooms. This happened due to the insufficiency of hotel rooms and the city had to accommodate people after being entitled. 

Every country takes measures to promote tourism and boost its economy through it. Similarly, the UK government picks a new place at regular intervals of four years, with the intention to support and boost tourism and the economy. This is why Hull city was nominated for the tourism spot back in 2017. 

The volunteers who intended to rent their spare rooms for travelers were provided specific training in tourism. This was so because the state heads strongly believed the city residuals to be the front face of Hull city and that they could contribute to redefining the personality of the Hull City. 

I have jotted down a list of amazing rental rooms to consider in Hull city. I am sure this list is going to help you in picking the right choice.

6 Best Rental Rooms in Hull City 

  1. Private Room Located in Larkin’s Neighborhood

 Renting a room for vacations depends upon the type of person you are, what exactly do you wish to get from your vacations and your budget of course! I mean if you are a nature lover, you would love to get a room with a front facing terrace to a scenic view.

So if you are an avid reader and would love to rent a room from where you can easily access the reading avenue, then this private room in Larkins’ neighborhood is the right choice for you. It is a suite for two members. This suit is in an adorable house with a beautiful garden. You have a separate kitchen where you can reheat your meals. You can spend some of the priceless moments in the garden while enjoying the spectacular views of Cottingham. 

  • Brilliant Flat with as Kitchen

This ravishing apartment is located in Hull’s town square which is a calm and quiet place. The apartments built here are modernly designed. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about laundry because there is a washing machine in the kitchen. I would say this is particularly good for families with children since you need to do a lot of laundry with children. It has an amazing living room and bedroom. These apartments are situated in the main city’s historic hub and are an absolute treat for tourists especially those who are history lovers! 

  • Modern Townhouses 

Again it’s all about your preferences, what destination you choose for traveling, and the place you decide for staying. If you wish to stay in a modernly designed apartment with adequate space, then these townhouses are perfect for you. The interior is simple yet classy.

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city life, this apartment has it all to offer you mental peace. There is a spacious terrace with sophisticated outdoor seating where you can relax. There are three bedrooms so six people can conveniently settle in. Explore the culture of the city and the lifestyle of people by visiting dine-in restaurants which are quite near these townhouses. 

  • Grove House 

Hull city covers the needs of a large audience. We have talked about rental rooms for travelers and now I am going to discuss the rental rooms for the residuals of Hull City. 

Groove house with its retirement housing scheme provides six two bedrooms and 35 one-bedroom purpose constructed rental properties for people aged above 55. You should not worry about the transport system as Groove house has great transport connections to the city Centre. Dine-in, grocery, and other errands needs can easily be covered as restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets are situated at short distances. Since it’s particularly for senior citizens, it has many doctor’s surgery centers.

The amusing part is that you can have movie nights, day visits, and other recreational activities in the area. So it’s a great choice for people who want to make the most of their retirement days! 

  • Well-Furnished Room Near Town Centre

If you are aged between 30-60, you should consider this property for rental purposes. It’s considerably a spacious house with the provision of a kitchen, Wi-Fi and other basic facilities. This three-room apartment is elegantly designed. 

If sharing a living room is not a problem for you then you can go ahead with this well-furnished and intricately designed apartment. The good part is that before deciding to move in, you can have a look at the information of the housemates already living in the apartment. Also, you need to check the housemate’s preferences. 

  • Nearby University- A Good Choice for Students 

We all know that students look for rental rooms which are considerably near to their university so it is easy for them to commute. Here, I am talking about a spare room flat share situated in North Humberside Hull. It’s a great spacious property with a shared kitchen lounge and appliances. The best part? Oh, when you come back fully drained from university, just watch a movie or any football match on LCD! Other than that, there is a provision of separate bathrooms and furnished bedrooms. 

Roll up:

Hull has been pronounced as the cultural city of the UK in 2017. There is a great display of cultural events throughout the year which keeps the travelers connected with the city. The tourists love to explore Hull city and learn about the historic events and the lifestyle of Hull residuals. You can find a large variety of rental spare rooms in the city for students, youth, professionals, travelers, and senior citizens. You can easily choose the rental property according to your needs and budget. 

Hope our list of amazing rental rooms in Hull helps you.

Rooms UK

Rooms to rent, house shares and flat shares all in the UK

Picking the best rooms to rent, flat shares or house shares can be very difficult nowadays. There are many of them on the market, but not all of these fit your needs and requirements. Which does make you wonder, how can you pick the best house/flat shares or room to rent? It all comes down to a variety of factors, as you will notice below.


Yes, location is very important due to a variety of reasons. You always want to be certain that you pick a place which is easy to access. Are you renting or sharing an apartment/house because you want to be close to the university? Or do you want to be close to work? All these little things matter, because you don’t want to rent anything on the other side of town compared to where you need to go. That’s why we recommend picking the best rentals close to your primary objective in the town. This way you will save time on commuting, and in case you switch jobs you can easily find other flat shares or rooms to rent in the same city.

What’s included?

A lot of property owners will try to offer as many items and amenities as possible to make their property appealing for tenants. It makes a lot of sense to understand what you are getting for the money you pay. Some property owners will include bills in the rental price for the month, others won’t. Then you have other features like getting a fully equipped kitchen, whereas in some places you may have to bring your own utensils.

It might not seem like a lot, but simple things like this really make a difference. If you don’t have some of the stuff, you have to buy it yourself, and that adds up to increase the costs, which isn’t ideal. That being said, most house shares, flat shares and rooms to rent listed online will let the potential tenants know what’s offered and included within the property.


It’s important to know what liabilities does the tenant have upon signing the contract. Most property owners will have a general contract, but there are some that come with very specific requirements. You always want to understand whether you are liable for anything or not as a tenant. After all, you never really know what can happen or what issues can arise. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to understand your responsibilities as a tenant and what happens when you break something and so on.

How many flatmates will you have?

A lot of people tend to share an apartment or a house in order to cut some of the rental costs and make it more affordable. The question is, how many people will you split the costs with. When you want to find flat shares or home shares, it’s imperative to figure out who you will be sharing this stuff with. Ideally, you want to share the property with people you already know. If not, the property owner will find multiple random people. It’s very common to share a property with 2-3 people, maybe even more depending on its size. That’s especially true for house shares, since houses can be really large.

Is the property close to transportation services?

This is crucial, because you always want to have some sort of transportation available within your region. When you try to find flat shares or house shares, it’s extremely important to ensure that you get the transportation solutions you need. That stuff might not seem like a whole lot, but it will convey the results you need, and that’s what matters the most here.

Is the neighborhood safe?

You can check online and see whether the neighborhood for those flat shares and rooms to rent is a safe one or not. You never really know what issues can arise, so you do need to focus on safety. Making sure that there are no immediate signs of danger or issues is crucial. After all, it’s imperative to focus on safety, and doing that can indeed make a huge difference. So don’t hesitate and take safety into consideration, it’s a serious issue and one that you really need to consider here.


It’s important to know the overall prices for the area where you want to rent a property. Rooms for rent tend to be the cheapest ones, since you are renting a single room and not the entire location. It’s very important to take your time, assess the situation and see what works for you. You always want to pay as little as possible, but at the same time you also have to get the best value. Which is why you want to write down your requirements, see what you need, and then compare to what’s available. That’s what will give you the best possible results.

Do you need to pay anything beforehand? You will notice that some property owners actually need you to pay a deposit that covers 2-3 months ahead of time. The reason here is that they want to be sure you will pay them at least for a month or two, if not more. It’s also possible to find some situations when tenants receive a discount if they book the property for an entire year. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s still something to look out for.

If you’re a tenant looking for some flat shares, house shares or rooms to rent, these tips cand tricks can help you a lot. It allows you to narrow down what you can do and what approach you can use to make the process better. We recommend taking your time and avoiding any rush whenever you want to find the best rooms for rent. It helps immensely, and it will offer you the assistance and help you need. Avoid any rush, and use these ideas right away. It’s the best method you can use to identify what you need, while also saving money along the way!